We Give Summit Community Guidelines

We Give Summit is a shared community of collective givers. Our experiences are diverse, our movement is global, we hold a multitude of identities and still we choose to “activate together”.

To build a container that can hold all of our expansiveness, we offer the following community guidelines:

  • Hold each other with compassion: We are living through extremely challenging times and this is a learning space. Mistakes will be made, we ask all participants to embrace complexity and engage with love and compassion.
  • Listen deeply and share the mic: We love when participants throw love in the chat and engage in sessions. Make sure you are taking note of how you are arriving in the space and be sure to share space with others.
  • Root yourself in principled struggle: We are a big movement and as such we may not always agree. That is ok. Rooted in a mutual respect of each other we can disagree and still collectively work to build a future we not only deserve but desperately need.

We will not tolerate any form of hurtful language, discrimination, abuse, marginalization or insulting behavior within the We Give Summit space or larger Philanthropy Together community.

A note on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We discourage the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as Otter.ai bots or similar tools, to transcribe We Give Summit sessions. AI use can disrupt event flows and compromises attendee and presenters’ privacy and security. We reserve the right to deny entry and remove AI bots from We Give Summit sessions. We ask that you please disable your AI bots for the Summit to ensure We Give Summit is a productive and secure environment for all.