Collective giving practices around the world have been growing steadily and gaining mainstream traction—from giving circles, to collaboratives, to pooled funds, to mutual aid societies, to women’s funds and more. Groups of all shapes and sizes are collaborating for change to share and discuss issues they care about and decide together where to give their money, time, and talents. Collective giving is a transformative philanthropy model given its roots are in cultures and diverse communities from all over the world, infinitely flexible to the needs and desires of participants, the democratic structure of giving, values-based community building, and overall proximity to the communities and grassroots organizations it aims to serve—for us, by us philanthropy.

We Give Summit is an annual, virtual celebration of collective giving with community leaders, philanthropy experts, and social impact newcomers coming together to forge new bonds and strengthen our work towards community change. We welcome your ideas as we aim to inspire and connect individuals across a growing grassroots movement with three days of virtual content. We Give Summit 2023 attracted 1000+ collective giving supporters from across 30+ countries.

This year’s theme Activate Together challenges us to explore actionable ways to activate our collective power in response to today’s political and economic landscape globally. As we enter into crucial election years around the world, the strengthening of democracy is increasingly important, and every effort and voice matters. With the rise of stronger and more interconnected social and climate justice movements, the call for systemic change is now. Let’s lean into the spirit of action that is widespread across the collective giving field. It’s time to take action!

We Give Summit is powered by Philanthropy Together. Philanthropy Together is a fiscally sponsored 501(c)(3) nonpartisan organization dedicated to democratizing and diversifying philanthropy through the power of collective giving.

In the spirit of collaboration, we invite the entire field of collective giving to help shape this year’s agenda. Recognizing the diversity of perspectives across the collective giving field, we are conducting an open call for ideas this year instead of the open call for sessions format used in previous years. Our open call process seeks ideas from the collective giving community with the intent of more deeply understanding the current needs and interests of the field and shaping the Summit agenda accordingly. Please think of your idea submission as an opportunity to shape the Summit agenda rather than as a fixed session. To highlight unique perspectives, your ideas may be combined with other thoughts and ideas of peers in this movement. Note: Your idea does not need to be fully developed, nor do your speaker recommendations need to be confirmed.

As a global community, 2024 is a crucial year for us to Activate Together. Together we can ignite change using our time, talent, treasure, testimony, and ties (also known as the 5 T’s of philanthropy). Share your ideas for session topics centered around these five core areas of focus.

  • Time (Volunteering)
  • Talent (Sharing your knowledge, skills, or experience)
  • Treasure (Providing financial and in-kind support)
  • Testimony (Sharing your story and uplifting those of others)
  • Ties (Levaraging your connections and relationships for good)

We strongly encourage ideas from collective giving groups and community leaders from a diversity of racial and class backgrounds. Special consideration will be given to ideas and speakers that highlight the voices of youth, Indigenous Peoples, individuals with disabilities, those from the Global South, and the US South, Central, and Mountain West regions. We are also seeking issue area experts who can provide meaningful context for the collective giving community on topics including, but not limited to: LGBTQ+ issues, gender, education, climate justice, peace and justice, resource mobilizing leadership, collective fundraising, and organizing.



The Call for Session Ideas closed on December 4, 2023. An update on sessions will be sent to those who submit ideas by January 31, 2024.


Session Areas of Focus:

We Give Summit 2024 builds on the past three celebrations — with more than 100 hours of content — filled with collective wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. As we activate participants to take action in their communities, we welcome session ideas that are connected to the five main focus areas outlined below. Within these areas, we are particularly interested in a focus on democracy, civic engagement, and action. Within your idea, ask yourself: What are the actionable steps participants can take post-summit?

Note: Submission of an idea or speaker recommendation does not guarantee acceptance into We Give Summit 2024. Below are some guiding questions for your idea submissions.



        • How can you leverage your time through volunteering to actively engage in promoting democracy and drive political change?
        • What are the ways in which volunteering can safeguard democracy and drive political change?
        • In what ways can the diversification of advisory and corporate boards be used as a tool for advancing social change?


        • How do you find and start sharing your unique talents and skills?
        • What concrete actions can collective giving communities take to harness their members’ talents for political action?
        • In what ways can we more actively incorporate mentorship and knowledge sharing into civic education and engagement efforts?


        • What innovative methods and approaches can collective giving groups use to fund and support democratic institutions and initiatives?
        • How can we mobilize resources, particularly in polarizing political environments?
        • How can financial contributions be strategically utilized to promote civic engagement and electoral participation?
        • How can corporations play a direct role in funding and advancing collective action?
        • What does a democratic economy look like, and what lessons can be learned from experiments and approaches being tested worldwide?


        • How can collective giving networks proactively support members in participating in democratic processes and engaging civically?
        • What practical steps can we take to foster stronger connections and networks among collective giving groups worldwide?
        • In what ways can we actively bridge divides across communities that hold different identities and viewpoints?
        • What concrete strategies can we use to build and leverage relationships across sectors and interconnected movements to strengthen democracy and amplify impact?
        • How do you turn your ties into actionable impact?
        • How do you incorporate intersectionality to better drive collective action and advance social movements?


        • How can we amplify the voices of most impacted communities in the face of injustices?
        • How can you use testimony to advocate for reforms and drive policy change across government, the economy, and philanthropy?
        • How do you uncover and connect your personal story to making change in your local community?
        • In what ways can we utilize traditional and social media to raise awareness, share stories, and generate public support to disrupt existing power structures?

Types of Sessions:

  • Skill-Building Workshop (1-2 speakers): Provide an interactive learning experience that creates opportunity for skills development and collaborative learning (e.g. Meeting Facilitation 101, Including Neuro-diverse Participants in Giving Circles, Useful Technologies to Know, Designing Engaging Virtual Membership Events, Membership Retention)
  • Panel Discussion (3-4 speakers): Present diverse perspectives and actionable takeaways on specific issues and/or communities (e.g. The Importance of Funding Native-Led Efforts, State of LGBTQ Rights, Women of Color in Climate Justice, The Excellence of Black Philanthropy, Young People in Philanthropy)
  • Lightning Talk (1-2 speakers): Brief, engaging pre-recorded presentations that focus on narrating the key points of findings, project goals, research, and insights (e.g. Grassroots Media Relations 101, How to Start a Youth Giving Circle, Family Conversations about Giving)

The deadline for sharing ideas for We Give Summit 2024 was Monday, December 4, 2023.

All ideas for We Give Summit sessions must be submitted by December 4, 2023.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes, you can submit more than one idea. However, given the conference’s short duration, please note that we are only able to accommodate a limited number of ideas.

Do session speakers receive compensation?

Yes, each speaker will be provided with a small but heartfelt honorarium as a token of appreciation for their time, effort, and ideas. This honorarium will be issued within a few weeks after the conference.

Do I need to confirm my speakers before submitting?

You do not need to confirm speakers before submitting your idea; however, we do ask that you share a general idea of the perspective(s) that would best bring your session idea to life.

Can I submit an idea if I don't have any speakers in mind?

Yes, you can submit an idea if you don’t have any suggested speakers. We do ask that you share a general of the perspective(s) that would best bring your idea to life.

When will sessions be held?

All sessions will be live May 7-9, 2024 on Zoom.

What are tips for a successful idea?

We Give Summit 2024 is seeking creative ideas that:

  • include an actionable takeaway that will activate our audience;
  • introduce unique, bold, and/or innovative models, approaches and solutions;
  • uplift and celebrate diverse voices and perspectives;
  • are inclusive;
  • are centered on collective giving; and
  • inspire participants to stay connected with one another and the broader movement

Take a look at our We Give Summit 2023 Sessions for examples of session ideas.

Is the information I enter on my submission final?

No. Once your idea is reviewed, the We Give Summit team will be in touch to discuss next steps. The We Give Summit team may combine your idea with others received.

When will I find out if my idea has been accepted?

Be on the lookout for an email from the We Give Summit team on or shortly after January 31, 2024.

I still have questions!

If you need further assistance, please contact us at

No Solicitation Policy 

We Give Summit is a place to collaborate and share ideas, and is a non-solicitation environment. This event exists to help each other learn and grow. It’s not a place to spam or promote services. All speakers who present are asked to share their perspective as educators and experts, and shall not use this platform for sales pitches or self-promotion.


Commitment to Racial Equity

Philanthropy Together is committed to creating a more just and equitable society. We acknowledge that philanthropy as a sector has been complicit in the unjust treatment and exclusion of Black, Indigenous, people of color, and many other marginalized groups, and we deeply commit to being a force for change, healing, and community building.  The groundswell of racial diversity within the collective giving movement inspires us, and the opportunity to build on its transformative power in service to the overall field of philanthropy gives us much hope.

Everyone has the ability to lead in this work, and we stand resolute in the belief that the collective giving movement is inclusive and made for everyone. Real change is coming, and we are grateful for all those who wish to join us.


Commitment to Disability Inclusion

Philanthropy Together is committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities in our work given the structural barriers and inequitable law, policy, and norms that the community faces. We seek to engage with people with different priorities or face different levels of exclusion, based on gender, race, poverty, ethnic status, religion and disability. For meaningful and accessible participation in the We Give Summit, please contact us at

to inform us of your accessibility needs and we will review your accommodation needs or make note of it along with your registration.