No celebration is complete without a fun twist!

The Giving Switchel

The Giving Switchel is a modern twist on an old time classic.

The Switchel is rumored to have made its way to the US from the shores of the Caribbean hundreds of years ago and was used to make water safer to drink.

This Signature Drink has a subtle sweetness and a surprising sour note that makes you crave every sip. The fresh lemon adds a happy brightness to this historic punch. This simplified version is great with your favorite spirit but holds its own all by itself.

To make this drink you will need to prep a small amount of Honey Lemon Syrup, this can be done ahead of time or as you make the drink. Find the recipe below.

Ingredients (note, 1 fl oz is approximately 2 Tablespoons)

1.5 fl oz spirit of your choice (optional)

2 fl oz Honey Lemon Syrup*

1 fl oz Apple Cider Vinegar

1 fl oz Lemon Juice

Soda Water or Still Water as needed

Lemon Twist or Slice for serving


1. In a tall glass combine spirit, Honey Lemon Syrup*, Apple Cider Vinegar, and lemon Juice. Stir to combine

2. Fill glass with ice and top with plain seltzer or still water

3. Garnish with lemon twist or slice

4. Enjoy!

* Honey Lemon Syrup/strong>


– ½ Cup Honey

– ½ Cup Hot Water

– 2 – 3” piece of lemon zest


1. Using a vegetable peeler peel off two approximately 3” strips of lemon zest and place in a small bowl

2. Add ½ cup of honey to the bowl.

3. Top with extremely hot water and carefully stir to combine.

4. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes until honey has dissolved and syrup has absorbed lemon flavors.

5. Reserve for cocktail.